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The Phoenicians then came along and shortened the alphabet with 20-two letters and far better the Egyptian numbering procedure. On the other hand, the Indians and Chinese were being large advocates for science.

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As I lazily got up to answer the door of the shorter tales in my hand, I was shocked to see a blind male, named Robert and a very long shed grandson, named Jorge. Excellent Sunday by Jose Ayala and Cathedral by Raymond Carver equally revolves all-around the host-customer dynamic. Raymond Carver’s Cathedral revolves all around the interaction of the character of the partner and his wife’s extended time blind buddy, Robert and Jose Ayala’s Perfect Sunday delves into Jorge’s pay a visit to to his grandmother. As equally pairs of characters engage in compact talk they are equipped to reconnect, establish new ties and explore more of by themselves. The people of the small stories will be cross-examined with each other.

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Very first would be visitor to visitor then host to host, Jorge to Robert and Dona Santos to the partner. Then Jorge will be as opposed to the husband and Dona Santos will be in comparison to Robert. Through this we can explore the further thoughts both equally short stories have.

Jorge and Robert are each the people in the brief tales.

Both characters show up to be unconventional to the host people. The husband and Dona Santos are in a way regular and conservative. In Cathedral the spouse was at first not incredibly at ease with Robert checking out. Apart from Robert remaining a finish stranger, the partner was not at ease about the strategy that Robert was blind.

The spouse experienced a good deal of preconceived notions about how blind adult males behaved and appeared like. The imagined that Robert married an African-American lady came as a shock to him. He even reacted pretty violently. “Her title was Beulah. Beulah! Which is a identify of a colored female.

“Was his spouse a Negro? I requested”. He also was surprised when he saw Robert with a beard and without the need of a cane or a pair of eyeglasses. He was even taken aback with the way Robert ate. “I watched with admiration as he utilized his knife and fork on the meat”. In Fantastic Sunday Dona Santos is the common grandmother.

According to the textual content she is of standard Spanish descent. She is quite conservative. Jorge’s way of life seems to be quite not best to her. When Jorge took out a cigarette Dona Santos eyed Jorge quizzically. “Dona Santos looked at the cigarette, then at Jorge”. She also appeared to be a very little disappointed that Jorge is a musician.

She appeared to have permitted more on Jorge’s cousin, Leo who was a getting up enterprise administration and was unhappy when she listened to that he was not capable to complete college.

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